Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Immigration is a hot topic across the country in this day and age.  To some, immigration law seems deceptively easy, fill out a form and wait for the USCIS to guide you through the process however, it is becoming more and more complex as new laws, legal rulings and mandates add even more complexity to the equation.  Every situation is different and an experienced Immigration attorney is crucial in order to properly execute a well thought-through strategy.  While it is true that almost anyone can fill out forms, immigration law is about so much more than that.

A qualified immigration lawyer will advise you on a host of issues and restrictions on work and travel that foreign nationals may face.  These rules may apply differently to those seeking non-immigrant versus immigrant status and oftentimes even apply to Permanent Residents, also known as “Green Card” holders.

We have had clients who went the “do it yourself” route prior to contacting Thomas Sassone, and in many cases they made their case more complex.  It is easier and less expensive for our firm us to help you do things right from the outset than to try to correct mistakes or omissions that will almost inevitably occur when companies or individuals attempt to do it themselves.

Innocent mistakes on submissions to the Department of Labor or the US Citizenship and Immigration Services or Customs and Border Protection can have devastating consequences. If you file immigration forms yourself, you are held to the same standard as if they were filed by an experienced immigration lawyer. The “I didn’t know” excuse is not an acceptable reason to have a denial overturned.

Immigration Issues We Can Assist You With:

  • Permanent Residence/Green Cards
  • -Family based
  • -Employment based
  • -Renewals
  • -Replacement
  • Special Immigrants:
  • -Religious Workers
  • -Juveniles/minors
  • Citizenship
  • Family based Immigration
  • Employment based Immigration
  • Temporary Visas:
  • -Employment and Specialty Visas
  • -Intracompany Transfers
  • -Treaty Traders and Investors
  • Visitors for Business or Pleasure
  • -Changes and extensions of visas
  • Tourist Visas
  • Visa Extensions
  • Work Permits
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  • DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  • Court Proceedings
  • -Criminal Defense/Immigration
  • -Bond Hearings
  • -Removal Proceedings
  • -Cancellation of Removal
  • -Immigration Appeals
  • -Asylum

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